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The Power of Habit for Better Mobility and Recovery

October 10, 2017

We know that information doesn't lead to change. Facts are not enough to convince us to do something or change a habit. Would anyone still smoke if facts were enough? We all know some very basic health facts, that not all of us listen to. Do we all floss? Do we all eat 3-5 servings of vegetables a day? Do we all wear a seatbelt?

So, if facts don't change our habits, what does? 

Charles Duhigg's book, The Power of Habit, is one of my all-time favorites.  In it, he outlines a habit loop that consists of 3 parts: Cue, Routine and Reward. 

1.  Cue  Some call it the trigger or reminder. This is usually visual. I see it, so I'm reminded to do it.

2.  Routine  Because of the cue, you proceed to do what has been determined to be the correct action.

3.  Reward  Because of the action taken, we usually have a burst of dopamine that reinforces good behavior. For example, floss tonight and you will feel accomplished. I took positive steps towards my goal.  

Photo by @ericmgraf 

We created the MOBI to be a musculoskeletal tool for your connective tissue. Part recovery tool, part mobility tool, but 100% lifestyle tool. What does that mean?

Our goal was to create a visually-appealing, aesthetically-sound device that feels natural to have around. It feels good to hold in your hands. It doesn't look weird lying flat on your desk at work. It travels well in a backpack, computer bag, or gym bag.  

We wanted something that was around. A visual cue. I'm an out-of-sight, out-of-mind type of person. If I see, I do. I keep Post-its on my computer of things I have to do. If I see the book I'm reading on the couch, I pick it up and read it. If my kids knock it under the couch, I tend to almost forget about that book. The biggest benefit to MOBI, in my eye, is the greatest asset any athlete can possess - availability. If an athlete is not available, they are not helpful to their team. If something can help you, but is unavailable when you need it most, it's not actually helpful. MOBI is designed to be "available."

If your foot has pain with walking, of course you will be reminded about trying to do something for your foot. But, why wait for pain? We have been taught at a young age to brush our teeth morning and night, not because they hurt, but because they keep our teeth healthy.  

What did your parents, coaches, or health practitioner teach you about the rest of your body? Do you have a physical practice or routine that helps the muscles, fascia, and joints move and feel better?  

Do you do something daily that helps with how your body recovers or moves?  

I want MOBI to be that tool that becomes your cue. We have created videos that show routines to help create small, 60-second actionable steps to form your own personal movement and recovery routines. It doesn't matter if you are sitting at your desk, finishing a bike ride, starting a session at the gym, or hanging in your living room. If there is something in your hands, you will use it. You will have a routine to help areas move and feel better.

It's the small stuff that adds up over a lifetime. One minute, 10 times a day is 10 minutes a day of being better. It wouldn't help to brush your teeth once a week for 10 min. But, one minute, 2x a day can be the difference between healthy teeth and dental nightmares. The body responds the same way. Frequency trumps intensity.  

Every time you use your MOBI, your brain will elicit the reward to do it again. Not because the MOBI is magic, (it's just a tool) but because you took a positive action towards better health, recovery, and movement. We know that if we do that daily, over months we will have created a positive habit. I think spending 5-10 minutes each day working on moving and recovering the musculoskeletal system can be an amazing health habit, that everyone needs. 

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