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3 Insights That Led Us to Create the MOBI Performance Tool

June 02, 2018 1 Comment

3 Insights That Led Us to Create the MOBI Performance Tool

We get asked all the time how we came up with the idea and design of MOBI. Some are interested in the development process; others simply curious what it is. Most people, though, want to know if it will actually help them or if they're being sold another gimmick. All are great questions!

Rather than sell you with a list of bullet points and medical terms, we'd like to share our story and invite you to join us as we continue our mission of helping athletes stay healthy so they can train harder with confidence.

MOBI was created to support the health and recovery of anyone that has an active lifestyle

Our Co-founder, Dr. Jason Ross, has been working on, and training, athletes of all levels throughout his career; from Olympians and NFL players, to beginner-level runners and cyclists, and everyone in-between. One struggle they all have in common is keeping their bodies healthy to function at full capacity while avoiding injury.

Many athletes would come to Jason after experiencing pain or injury rather than for a "tune-up" or prep for a big race or event. These injuries would keep athletes away from their sport or activity, often times forcing them to miss a race for which they've been training weeks or even months.

We wanted to really understand why this was happening, and what we could do to help these athletes stay healthy. Rather than assume we knew all the answers, we went out and spoke with all different types of athletes (runners, cyclists, CrossFit athletes, and others) to understand their perspectives, challenges, and lives as it relates to being active. We conducted hours of interviews and uncovered a few surprising insights that helped guide the development of MOBI. 

 Interview with cyclists immediately following a ride

Here is what we learned:

  • Many beginner-level and weekend warrior athletes don't view themselves as "real athletes," therefore feel like they don't work hard enough to need (or deserve) to spend time on mobility and recovery. However, almost all have suffered from chronic pain, soreness, or injury
  • Athletes have a need and desire to keep a recovery device on them wherever they go (work, home, gym, race) for quick access, but rarely do because their foam rollers, balls, and other devices are inconvenient to pack and travel with
  • Many athletes stretch, some foam roll or use a lacrosse or tennis ball, but most are not doing them with intentionality. They have the same few stretches and drills they do before every workout rather than consciously pairing the best drills with the work they're doing that day 
    • Most athletes imitate what they see others doing in the gym or on YouTube or Instagram, rather than do what they should be doing

Can you relate to any of these statements? Take a minute and think about the last few times you had a strenuous workout; a training run, gym session, long ride, anything...

What did you do to warm up? Did you put much thought into it or default to your normal routine? Or, did you skip it altogether and just jump right in?

What about after your workout? Immediately after you finished? That evening? Even the next day? Did you do any cool-down stretching or immediately wrap up and head home? Did you do any recovery drills that night or the next day?

How about in-between workouts? Were you spending any time each day or every other day on mobility drills, or were you not even thinking about it until your next activity?

If you're like most of the athletes we spoke and work with, chances are you spend very little time on mobility and recovery, even though you probably know you should be doing more. This gap is exactly what we are striving to solve.

We started T.O.P Performance and created the MOBI Performance Tool to help educate athletes and make it easy to incorporate a few small changes to your routine for massive long-term health and performance benefits. To see how we turned our learnings into solutions, we encourage you to check out our mobility clinics, free Mobility Video Library, YouTube Channel, Blog, and the MOBI Performance Tool.

Our learning and exploration never ends, and we continue to seek new ways to help athletes stay healthy and live an active lifestyle. We invite you to join us, and would love to hear what we can do to help you on your own journey. Leave a comment/question below or send us a message at

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